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Our event is being held to celebrate Dr. Robert Bradley and The Bradley Method®.  Whether you already had a baby (or babies), or are expecting for the first time, we welcome individuals and families interested in learning more about The Bradley Method® and other  natural choices surrounding pregnancy, birth and parenting.

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Dr. Bradley was an advocate of natural birth and [partner]-coached childbirth. As an extension of a natural pregnancy and birth, The Bradley Method® also encourages healthy, low-risk choices for the whole family.  We will be offering information about breastfeeding, babywearing, and other natural and green living options so families can continue to live a healthy and low-risk lifestyle after the Birth-Day.

The Bradley Method® Teachers of Arizona are excited to be able to offer our guests the very best in local and small business shopping, as well as information to promote healthy living and family wellness.  We are committed to keeping this a “free admission” event for our guests.

We are thrilled to announce that Rhondda Evans Hartman, RN, author and creator of The Bradley Method® exercise program, is going to be our keynote speaker.  She prepared over 14,000 couples to have a natural birth.  We will be able to hear her anecdotes about Dr. Bradley and his philosophy, as well as her own personal insight about natural birth, breastfeeding and parenting.

In addition, there will be seminars geared towards having a healthy and low-risk pregnancy, postpartum, and family life.  We are inviting “green living” and “family-friendly” exhibitors and vendors.  There will be food trucks available for meals and/or snacks throughout the day if you prefer not to pack a picnic lunch.  And we invite you to stay for THE BIG RAFFLE at the end of the day!


Event: Bradley™ Day Family Festival

Date: Sunday, November 9, 2014

Time: 11 am – 4 pm

Place: Irish Cultural Center, 1106 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004

SEMINARS ~ Speaker profiles HERE

11:30 am
Room A: Jennifer Hoperich, Moxie Midwifery ~ Meditation for Mamas: Simple, Fun and Free
“Join Jennifer for some relaxing yet energizing “me time” as you learn simple and effective strategies to press the reset button during episodes of mama overload. Discover where your “cornfield” is, how you can prevent yelling through a 1-minute breathing technique, and how you can snag meditation time, even when your kids are awake and in the same room (whaa at!?). You’ll wrap up the seminar with a mini group guided meditation, to leave you feeling balanced and centered.”

Room B: Meredith Abney, GoGo Natural ~ Cloth Diaper Tour – From the Basics through Potty Training

12:00 pm
Room A: Talisha Heiden, Modern Mommy Boutique ~ Must-Haves for the Modern Mommy
Modern Mommy Boutique will speak regarding the essential products that you will need for the first few weeks or items to help you have a positive breastfeeding start. We will also thoroughly explain how to ensure you get a properly fitted nursing bra, and when to buy a nursing bra.Room B: Beyond Conceptions Midwifery ~ Midwives + Homebirth
12:30 pm
Room A: Tracy Grady, IBCLC ~ The Importance of a Baby-Friendly HospitalRoom B: Trent Newell, PBi ~ Avoid the Baby Blues – Exploring the Benefits of Placenta for Postpartum Recovery 
Your baby’s placenta contains your own natural hormones and is perfectly made for you, by you.  Experts agree that the placenta retains hormones.  Reintroducing them to your system is believed to balance postpartum hormonal fluctuations, a leading cause of the baby blues.
1:00 pm ~ ROOM A+B
Keynote Address: Rhondda Evans Hartman, RN and author
Who Was Dr. Bradley: Getting To Know the Founder of The Bradley Method®
Rhondda will share her unique perspective into the life and work of Dr. Bradley. She met Dr. Bradley as one of his patients in Denver, Colorado.   After impressing him with her strength and demeanor after the natural birth of her first child, he invited her to become the Exercise and Relaxation coach for his practice.   With her unique perspective as his colleague for 25 years, Rhondda will share her insight about the life and times of Dr. Bradley, author of, Husband-Coached Childbirth and founder of The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth and the American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth.
2:00 pm
Room A: Laura Dugovic, AMEO Essential Oils ~ Using Essential Oils from Conception to Birth and Beyond
Learn what an essential oil is, and how it interacts with the human body. Learn key essential oil combinations and protocols to use to enhance comfort during the first, second, and third trimesters of pregnancy as well as oils to use {and NOT use} during labor, birth, and the postpartum period. Pregnant mothers have a very limited number of synthetic/OTC/pharmaceutical medications that are safe to use during pregnancy.  They may now have a better, safer, and even more effective option!  Laura will offer protocols for: edema/swelling, fatigue, headaches, heartburn, muscle cramps, nausea/morning sickness, back and muscle aches, sleep issues, preparing your body before Group B Strep testing is done, comfort measures for labor, diffusing oils to enhance relaxation and comfort in the delivery room, roller bottle and spray bottle recipes for the postpartum period.  Come and learn why essential oils can be a pregnant girl’s best friend!Room B: Arizona Breastfeeding Center ~ Breastfeeding Basics
2:30 pm
Room A: Joni Rubinstein, M.Ed. and author ~ Bonding Through Family Traditions
In this presentation, held in a group circle setting, we will discuss the importance of family traditions as a means of establishing bonds that hold families together. Family traditions are activities done purposefully that create memories, and connect generations. They can offer a sense of belonging, purpose, culture, and magic.   We will discuss how to create new traditions, continue traditions and share favorite traditions in the circle.Room B: Belinda Hodder, CNM, Valley Women for Women ~ Six Is The New Four
This presentation will examine recent data, including the current ACOG Consensus Guidelines, regarding the natural course of labor. Recent evidence suggests that Friedman’s Curve is outdated and the active phase of labor begins at 6cm dilation. There is also evidence that as long as mother and baby are doing well, labor should be allowed to progress at its own rate. These recommendations will lower the number of cesareans and associated complications for women and their babies.
3:00 pm
Room A: Ashley Truman, Intact Arizona ~ Myth Busters: Circumcision Edition
From circumcision being “just a snip” to it preventing masturbation and curvature of the spine, circumcision has been surrounded by pseudo-medical myths since it first came to the United States during the Victorian Era.  What does Kellogg’s cereal have to do with circumcision? Does circumcision prevent UTIs?  HIV?  Is the foreskin really extra skin?  These questions and more will be asked, fact checked and myth-busted to give you a better knowledge of the medical justifications, past and present, for circumcision.Room B: Rochelle Norman, MPS-AT ~ Expressing Birth and Healing through Art


See who is exhibiting HERE.

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Event Contact:
Krystyna Bowman (602) 684-6567

Media Contact:
Rebecca Hasulak

Exhibitor Contact:
Tina Lebedies

Doula/IBCLC Contact:
Victoria Calleja

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    1. Tara- the admission to the event is free. There are vendors for food, the goods, and raffle tickets will be for sale. Please say hi if you come by tomorrow!


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