Since there are so many wonderful IBCLCs in our area, we would like to make it possible to accept as many of you as would like to participate.  Our idea is to dedicate one space for IBCLCs and have you sign up to work in groups and be present at the IBCLC Exhibitor Space, the “Nursing Stop”, in one-hour shifts throughout the day.  This would allow us to say “yes” to all of the amazing lactation consultants in the community that want to be a part of the Bradley Day Family Festival. To participate in the Nursing Stop, get your information in all our swag bags (100) and have your own personalized Information Sheet, the fee is $25.

We are also looking for sponsors, and there is the opportunity to run an ad in the event program.  That pricing can also be found in the IBCLC Exhibitor Packet.

If you have any services/consumables that you plan to sell while you are working your session at the Bradley™ Day Family Festival, you will need to obtain the appropriate licenses to collect payments at the event.

Please contact Victoria Calleja (allthingsbirth{at}gmail{dot}com) to request an IBCLC information packet.  We hope to meet you soon!



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