Since there are so many wonderful doulas in our area, we would like to make it possible to accept as many doulas as would like to participate.  Our idea is to dedicate one space for doulas and have you sign up to work in groups and be present at the Doula Exhibitor Space in one-hour shifts throughout the day.  This would allow us to say “yes” to all of the awesome doulas in the community that want to be a part of the Bradley™ Day Family Festival. To participate in the doula booth, get your information in all our swag bags (100) and participate in the Meet & Greet session, the fee is $25.

We are planning on hosting two Meet & Greets. Please indicate on your application which session you would prefer. As long as we can fill them at registration, we will run both sessions. They will be for an hour (tentatively 11:30-12:30 and 2:00 – 3:00).  We will set it up similar to speed dating.  Every doula/couple gets five minutes to visit.  You will have a hand out at your table with your picture, your bio, your contact information and a blank space for them to take notes.  We will be providing each couple with a folder to keep all their information, plus a suggested list of questions so that they can pick and choose the questions that allow them to gather the information that is important to them if they do not already have some in mind.

We will have an informational meeting with all the couples 15 minutes before the event starts to explain to them how the Meet+Greet format will work.  We will also make sure that they know where your booth is so that they can spend more time with you after the Meet+Greet should they want to chat with you longer after your initial meeting.

If you have any services/consumables that you plan to sell while you are working your session at the Bradley™ Day Family Festival, you will need to obtain the appropriate licenses to collect payments at the event.

Please email Victoria Calleja (allthingsbirths{at}gmail{dot}com) to request a Doula Exhibitor Packet – we hope to meet you soon!



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