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Meet the Bradley Day Exhibitors

Our spaces are full and we are excited to introduce you to our vendors for the event on Sunday.  Two more days of giving away raffle tickets – you can get one free raffle ticket by leaving a comment: tell us which exhibitors you want to visit on Sunday.

Be sure to check our Social Media page for the opportunity to earn other raffle tickets.  You can pick up your freebies at the raffle table on Sunday – see you there!!


Babymoon Inn
Babymoon Inn

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About the Festival

The Bradley Method® Teachers of Arizona are so pleased to be back again in 2014 with another event to celebrate the life and work of Dr. Robert Bradley.

Dr. Bradley believed in natural childbirth. As part of his teaching on how to have a natural childbirth, he included information which helped his patients to have a healthy, low-risk pregnancy as well. As an extension, many of us who have taken Bradley™ classes also practice a healthy, low-risk lifestyle after our children’s Birth-Days.

This November, we are excited to bring you an event where you can meet local Bradley Method instructors. We are also inviting some of the area’s finest educators and exhibitors who teach, promote and provide goods that help families live greener lives.

Our keynote speaker is Rhondda Evans Hartman, RN, author and creator of The Bradley Method® exercise program. She will be joining us to talk about Dr. Bradley’s career, share anecdotes of their time working together, and answer questions from the audience. In addition, Rhondda will also be sharing her new award winning book, Natural Childbirth Exercises for the Best Birth Ever, and be available for book-signing if you would like an autographed copy.

If you are interested in being an exhibitor, presenter, sponsor, or advertiser, please contact us soon.  Update: We only have 5-7 exhibitor spots and 7 speaking spots left for the day of the event.

Event Contact:
Krystyna Bowman (602) 684-6567

Exhibitor Contact:
Tina Lebedies

Doula/IBCLC Contact:
Victoria Calleja